Three Hiring Models for an Outbound Sales Campaign

Posted by Jada Yassen on August 10, 2018

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Top 7 Things To Consider When Launching An Outbound Telemarketing Campaign

Posted by Jared Braverman on July 31, 2018


Launching an outbound telemarketing campaign is no small undertaking, but these 7 topics will greatly help to increase your campaign’s success and make the whole process more efficient and much less painful.

1. Finding the right sales talent.

Any business seeking to launch an outbound sales campaign needs to figure out how they will find good salespeople and whether they will hire them to be in-house employees, freelancers, or outsourced telemarketing services.

  • Hiring in-house gives the business more control over the sales process, but costs far more than outsourcing and requires a much bigger commitment.
  • Hiring outbound telemarketing companies has less overhead cost and commitment than bringing an employee on fulltime, and provides the added benefit of managing the campaign; they hire, train and oversee the sales team, and provide reporting metrics. However, telemarketing agencies do not generally provide as much control over the sales process as hiring someone directly, and they aren’t held liable for compliance.
  • Hiring a freelancer provides a balanced approach between hiring in-house and hiring telemarketing firms. The costs are much less, and you can have far more control over the sales process (if managed correctly). The other factors to consider such as vetting, training, the sales process, compliance, data, and security are covered in more length in this article.
2. Vetting potential sales candidates.

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Overpass - Build Your Phone Campaign Now

Posted by Chris Bell on July 5, 2018

Overpass is your solution for building your remote phone sales team. From a small team of 5 up to as many agents as you need, Overpass gives you the control and transparency that you need, in an easy to use platform. Learn more about Overpass below.

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Everything You Know About Sales Scripts Is Wrong Part 3-Structuring the conversation

Posted by Chris Bell on June 27, 2018


Welcome to part 3 of the Overpass series on sales scripts. In our last two installments, we provided an overview of sales scripts, and shared information on sales script conception and process. Now, let's get to what is involved in actually writing the script.

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Everything You Know About Sales Scripts is Wrong, Part 2

Posted by Chris Bell on May 21, 2018

Sales Scripts - Conception and Process


Welcome back to our series on sales scripts. In part one, we talked about how old fashioned sales scripts simply talked at prospects while modern sales scripts are about talking with prospects. Today we will go into how your script should fit into your sales process and campaign. Your sales team deserves it.

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Topics: Overpass Team, Sales Process, Sales Training

Everything you Know About Sales Scripts Is Wrong, Part 1

Posted by Chris Bell on May 14, 2018


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Topics: Overpass Team, Sales Process, Sales Training, Sales Education

Optimize Your Overpass Contractor Profile

Posted by Chris Bell on March 21, 2018


Because we want to help businesses and phone reps come together, here are some tips to tighten up your Overpass profile and give yourself the best shot at landing the perfect job.

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The Objection Cycle - How To Overcome Objections And Close The Sale

Posted by Chris Bell on February 20, 2018

The biggest part of closing any sale is overcoming objections raised by prospects. Here, we talk about the objection cycle. Using this method you can address the prospect’s concerns, move the sales conversation forward, and close the sale.

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Refining Your Flow - 3 Tips On How To Manage Your Remote Team’s Sales Process

Posted by Chris Bell on January 31, 2018

Whether you’re running a new venture or you’re a business veteran, building and running an inside sales team can be immensely rewarding. Here are some ideas to help you identify your goals, set expectations appropriately, and optimize your team’s performance. Understanding the process of your campaign is vitally important to managing your team.

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Five things you can do now to get your first sales meeting

Posted by Lavie Popack on January 19, 2018


If you forgive his grandiose schemes towards sex, profanity and Quaaludes, then objectively-speaking, you'd admit that The Wolf of Wall Street's Jordan Belfort is a prime case of salesmanship in its most effective form: He's relentless, has the uncanny ability to get the office on its feet in mere seconds, and most importantly, Belfort is incredibly determined to get the meeting and close the sale -- no matter the cost.

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