Top 7 Things To Consider When Launching An Outbound Telemarketing Campaign

Posted by Jared Braverman on July 31, 2018


Launching an outbound telemarketing campaign is no small undertaking, but these 7 topics will greatly help to increase your campaign’s success and make the whole process more efficient and much less painful.

1. Finding the right sales talent.

Any business seeking to launch an outbound sales campaign needs to figure out how they will find good salespeople and whether they will hire them to be in-house employees, freelancers, or outsourced telemarketing services.

  • Hiring in-house gives the business more control over the sales process, but costs far more than outsourcing and requires a much bigger commitment.
  • Hiring outbound telemarketing companies has less overhead cost and commitment than bringing an employee on fulltime, and provides the added benefit of managing the campaign; they hire, train and oversee the sales team, and provide reporting metrics. However, telemarketing agencies do not generally provide as much control over the sales process as hiring someone directly, and they aren’t held liable for compliance.
  • Hiring a freelancer provides a balanced approach between hiring in-house and hiring telemarketing firms. The costs are much less, and you can have far more control over the sales process (if managed correctly). The other factors to consider such as vetting, training, the sales process, compliance, data, and security are covered in more length in this article.
2. Vetting potential sales candidates.

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