Three Hiring Models for an Outbound Sales Campaign

Posted by Jada Yassen on August 10, 2018

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Hiring the right sales team is the focal point in executing an effective sales campaign. After going through the legwork of creating a great product or service, the next plausible step is to reach the masses and maximize growth. Here are a few things to consider when building a sales campaign.

Typically, companies allocate the most money towards marketing and sales, than any other area of business. Finding the right representatives to contact clients and sell a product is a necessary step in building a sales team. Companies now have the ability to integrate the “gig economy” into their business model. Studies have shown that more than 3% of the workforce telecommutes at least partially. With this number expected to rise within the next few years, more and more skilled individuals will be seeking opportunities as work-from-home representatives. The influx of workers opting to work from home and the benefits for companies to hire telecommuters ultimately leads to employers embracing the growing trend.

Employers find the most success when leveraging cold calling, appointment setting, lead generation, sales, and telemarketing to their at home teams. Keep in mind that any approach made in regards to hiring sales representatives must be aligned with the goals and needs of the business. In order for the business to choose the best option to facilitate its outbound sales campaign, it must first identify the key objectives of the campaign and the personal needs of the business. It is necessary for an employer to consider budget, project length, personnel diversity, and amount of flexibility and involvement they want to have in the campaign. After identifying the objectives, the business can then choose one of the three primary models for their hiring process. These include hiring on-site full-time employees, outsourcing to a call center, and hiring freelance cold calling representatives.

The first option for hiring new representatives for a sales campaign is hiring on-site workers. Although the culture shift has given this option lesser prevalence in today’s workforce, hiring full-time employees is not obsolete. For some companies, it is beneficial to have on-staff employees, especially if they value collaboration. Having all employees in one designated work environment gives the ability to provide input, oversee operations, and regulate daily activities. However, even though this option may seem attractive to some employers, recent advancements in technology have made it easier for teams to collaborate from multiple workspaces. In tandem, hiring an employee who is local to your central operating location, also eliminates the option of accessing highly skilled workers outside of your state or country who can potentially charge lower labor rates. It is also important to note that this option does incur traditional business expenses including overhead, management, furniture and IT to name a few. If a business’ goal is to be cost conscious, then this may not be the best alternative.

The second option is to outsource to a call center. If there is a heavy emphasis on being hands-off in the daily tasks of the sales campaign, then call centers are an option. Some employers choose to transfer daily activities to call centers, to reduce their involvement. However, if your business operates in a competitive industry, it is not ideal to be fully disconnected. When employing a call center, the employer must keep in mind that they may face issues when it comes to regulation, accountability, transparency and brand consistency. Since cold calling companies do not provide oversight, regulating the activities of workers is nearly impossible. Workers can contact clients too many times, not follow correct scripts, and represent your business in ways that are inconsistent with the brand. This lack of oversight leads to a lack of accountability. There is no way to ensure that these issues are rectified. This hands-off approach does not allow the business to learn from the mistakes of a faulty sales process. Ultimately, the compilation of issues that sprout from lack of internal control, can dilute the effectiveness of outsourcing to a call center.

The third option is to hire home-based call representatives. This option serves as a hybrid between hiring in-office employees and call centers. Workers will be solely working from home, and still report directly to the employer. This option allows the company to save on the high costs of overhead and infrastructure that comes with a traditional workspace. The company also has the flexibility to be as hands-on or hands-off as they want. This allows for improved brand consistency, because the employer is still in control of activities. Since the representatives report directly to the company, there is an improved level of transparency and accountability. Another benefit for choosing this option is gaining access to a wider and more diverse talent pool. Employers can choose the most qualified workers, both domestically or internationally, that will best fit their budget and preferences.

Naturally, there are some general concerns that arise with hiring freelance cold-calling representatives. These include finding the right representative, vetting, monitoring daily activities, providing training and tools, and facilitating payments. These concerns can be minimized by partnering with a freelancer platform like Overpass. Overpass fuses technology and talent to eliminate the challenges that come along with the home-based representative model.

Now that you have an understanding of the three main models for hiring a sales team, you can choose the best option that suits your business’ needs. For more information on how you can increase the productivity and workflow of your sales campaign with Overpass, please click here.

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Written by Jada Yassen

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