Top 7 Things To Consider When Launching An Outbound Telemarketing Campaign

Posted by Jared Braverman on July 31, 2018

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Launching an outbound telemarketing campaign is no small undertaking, but these 7 topics will greatly help to increase your campaign’s success and make the whole process more efficient and much less painful.

1. Finding the right sales talent.

Any business seeking to launch an outbound sales campaign needs to figure out how they will find good salespeople and whether they will hire them to be in-house employees, freelancers, or outsourced telemarketing services.

  • Hiring in-house gives the business more control over the sales process, but costs far more than outsourcing and requires a much bigger commitment.
  • Hiring outbound telemarketing companies has less overhead cost and commitment than bringing an employee on fulltime, and provides the added benefit of managing the campaign; they hire, train and oversee the sales team, and provide reporting metrics. However, telemarketing agencies do not generally provide as much control over the sales process as hiring someone directly, and they aren’t held liable for compliance.
  • Hiring a freelancer provides a balanced approach between hiring in-house and hiring telemarketing firms. The costs are much less, and you can have far more control over the sales process (if managed correctly). The other factors to consider such as vetting, training, the sales process, compliance, data, and security are covered in more length in this article.
2. Vetting potential sales candidates.

Having a good process is key to finding skilled salespeople. There is never a guarantee that the person you bring in is going to work out. That is why having access to as much data prior to making a decision is extremely valuable. References or experience in a specific industry can be very helpful in determining whether someone will be good at selling your specific product or service. How they sound on the phone can be a huge factor in their success in an outbound campaign. Their resume will also show some of their previous experiences and skill sets. Finally, having a solid interview process is key to selecting the right fit. Focus on preparing for the interview, the actual interview itself, and the criteria for making a decision.

3. Training salespeople to sell YOUR product/service.

Training doesn’t end once the salespeople pick up the phone. In addition to having a comprehensive training program that will prepare the team to sell your product, it is crucial to have a system in place that will help improve your team after they get started (such as reports and recorded calls). Reports can identify a problem with a specific sales rep. For example, if one rep is getting a lot more ‘not interested’ responses than the rest of the team then there is most likely a reason. If you can go back and listen to the recorded calls than you can pinpoint the problem and work with the sales rep to improve on their technique.

4. Managing the sales process.

Now that you have a rockstar sales team ready to go out and conquer, having a system in place that will manage the call data, the customer data, and the sales material, is important to the ongoing success of your campaign. The call data includes all of the call history for your sales team and should include a system to record and monitor phone calls for quality and compliance. The customer data is often stored in a CRM or Customer Resource Management platform, and consists of the phone lists you upload and outcome notes for each prospect. These systems should be as seamless as possible for your sales team; something that is automatic. Platforms such as Overpass provide all of this functionality. Calls are made automatically and display the customer info for each call – which also allows the sales rep to easily add notes and call outcomes. Also, the ability to upload updated sales scripts for the whole team makes it easy to revise the script with promotions or special offers and make sure everyone is using the latest script. A good system should greatly improve the sales process, not slow it down.

5. Ensure compliance.

There are rules to outbound calls which must be adhered to or you risk steep penalties and fines, a damaged company reputation, or at a minimum, loss of customers. Call Centers are not held liable for any of these; usually, your only recourse is to fire them and find another one. Some states have laws or regulations such as not calling after certain hours, and adhering to a do-not-call list; this can also cause ill-will towards a company with the public. Also, some call centers use automatic dialers – which are banned in some states from calling mobile phones. Having a robust dialer solution that can control how often to call someone, and shows a prospect’s contact info and interaction history prior to the call is important to maintaining compliance and preserving the company’s reputation.

6. Managing the data.

The data is important for current and future campaigns. It consists of call data, customer data, call lists, scripts, and potential employees/freelancers. Keeping all of the data in one place allows a company to compare the call data with different lists to see if a specific list is good, for example. The data should also help you analyze the conversion and track how well a rep is doing. The added ability to find talented sales reps gives businesses a completely new level of control in their sales process.

7. Keeping proprietary data secure.

Your customer data, call data, and lists are highly important and need to have a good system in place to keep them secure. Working in the cloud, it is imperative to ensure data security. Using state of the art firewalls combined with the modern cryptography standards, you are able to provide security at the application, operating system and networking level. Additionally employing a multi-control system and layered defenses all located in a secured network environment, provides a robust integration of security flows culminating in a place you can entrust your data with.

Having tightly integrated talent and technology in one place to deploy and manage your call campaigns will translate to headache-free successful campaigns. Overpass is the complete solution that addresses all of these pain points and more.

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Written by Jared Braverman

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