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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Remote Working Environment

Due to the improvements we’ve seen, and a shift in the mindset of today’s workforce, more people are working from home than ever before.
James Harr
Marketing Design Lead
July 2, 2019

Whether a couple of days per week in a job, or even as a full career, the opportunities to telecommute and work remotely are always increasing. While some like to work in a local Starbucks, others choose a collaboration workspace and a certain percentage simply prefer their home office (or living room!).

Despite the positive impact this has on freedom and employee motivation, some difficulties come with working remotely. For example, many struggles with creating the right environment for work. How is one supposed to have an efficient day of working when Netflix is within arm’s reach? Whereas, others face challenges with cultivating a productive mindset and merely getting out of bed in the morning.

Today, we have some brilliant tips you can utilize for success while working remotely!

1. Find the Right Workspace

What society has recently come to realize is that different employees thrive in different environments. If you’re going to telecommute, setting the right environment is crucial to having a successful experience. If you’re looking for a ‘secret formula’ that will help you to succeed, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. The best place to start is by identifying the environment that works for you. Ask yourself,  Do I need to leave the house every morning? Do I need to be around other people? Am I able to concentrate at home with all the distractions? Remember, working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean you need to work on your sofa. Try testing out different locations and environments to see which best fits your work habits. When evaluating your workspace, it is essential to account for the outside factors. If the nature of your work involves making calls, or writing, be sure your workspace does not have a lot of background noise or too many distractions.

2. Develop Your Mindset

When it comes to telecommuting, it is essential to remind yourself that you are still working! Often the convenience and freedom to “work from anywhere” can trick us into growing complacent or unproductive. It helps to set your mindset into work mode. One of the biggest tips to having a successful work-from-home mindset is by developing a routine. Some people find it helpful to dress as though they were going into an office job or meeting.

Although it’s comfortable and cozy to work in your pajamas all day, dressing for success has proven to trick the mind into being more productive. Other professionals will even go as far as getting up early, leaving the house, driving to go get a coffee, then driving back home, all before actually starting your workday. If you can’t get into the right mindset while working at home, try the other locations we’ve suggested.

3. Prepare Yourself for the Day

For many work-from-home jobs, there are a set number of tasks to complete each day; this means that, if they aren't done during the day, we’re forced to work into the night. To avoid this, and other unnecessary disruptions, we recommend planning your day the night before. From your morning shower to your lunchtime meal, from your work schedule to your journey to the workspace (if required), make sure you’re comfortable with absolutely everything.

Without a plan, you’re likely to lose essential minutes planning on the go. While this might not seem like a significant problem, minutes soon add up, and you’ll quickly lose momentum. When first working remotely, there will be a temptation to start work in bed before slowly dragging yourself to the sofa with the laptop…DON’T. Instead, treat it like a regular job and do everything just as you would when working in an office. What do we mean?

• Set your alarm

• Don’t press the ‘Snooze’ button

• Make yourself a coffee/tea  

• Shower

• Dress in office clothing

4. Get Organized

One of the biggest tips we can offer for working remotely is to stay organized. Organization encompasses everything from keeping a tidy workspace and organizing files/ paperwork, to setting a work schedule and submitting assignments. Staying organized will allow you to have a clear mind, focus on completing one task at a time, and increase overall productivity.  It’s crucial to avoid non- productive tasks like doing house chores, watching television, or taking non-work related calls. If you organize your work from home time effectively, you will notice that your day will flow seamlessly.

5. Have the Right Tools Available

Lastly, working from home relies upon having the right tools available. If you’re going to telecommute, you need all the tools you would have available in the office - this way, you aren't making sacrifices or completing tasks at a lower quality. This could include:

• Laptop/Computer

• Headset

• Software (Communication Tools)

• Good Internet Connection

• Various Documents/Files

If your job relies heavily on a computer, internet-intensive software, or even Skype, be sure to have an up to date system, and internet connectivity that can meet your demands. The best part about working from home is that even if you do not have the best tools, you can leverage cafes, libraries, and co-working spaces to ensure you are getting your work done.


It is important to remember that everyone has a unique working style, whether it be in a traditional office space or working remotely. Finding the right formula that works for YOU will set you up for success. Reference these tips as a guide to finding the right workspace, organizing your day, and increasing your productivity.

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