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6 Tips to Warm-up a Cold Lead Before Making the Close

This article will explore 6 useful tips that can be used to take a lead from icey to hot, and how to accurately read their temperature.
Jared Braverman
Marketing Director
July 16, 2019

Cold leads are a much greater challenge to close than warm leads. They require a bit of finesse before attempting to close the deal. In other words, they need to be warmed up first. This article will explore 6 useful tips that can be used to take a lead from icey to hot, and how to accurately read their temperature.

It is important to break the ice and make a prospect feel comfortable with you before pushing for the close. People buy from people they like. If you try to push too aggressively for a close without warming up a lead first, you will most likely lose the sale. It is possible to close a deal on the first contact with a prospect, but it is important to accurately get a “read” on their temperature. If you sense any reluctance, pushing too hard may burn any chances for future deals.

When you are warming up a lead there should be small talk that leads into a professional conversation about their business. The person should feel comfortable and relate to you. Definitely try to get them to talk as much as possible about their needs. This can lead to a conversation about how your product can address their needs.

But what if you are still having problems making your cold leads a little bit warmer? Here are 6 methods you can use to create interest with a cold lead.

1. Content Marketing. By delivering tons of value through free content, you can show potential prospects that you are an expert in your industry. You should aim to release this content in places where your target customer is most likely to be found such as: LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Quora, or industry websites. Some types of content you can release are blog posts, videos, podcasts, e-newsletters, or social media posts. By releasing good content on a consistent basis you are showing and reminding your audience that you are who they should hire to fulfill their needs.

2. Send them something of value. Is there a way you can help them immediately solve one of their problems? Maybe its an article or white paper or a contact in your network that can help them. Send it to them with a message that you were thinking of them and how this could help them. When you offer something valuable to a cold lead they are more likely to reciprocate by hiring you to help them fulfill their need.

3. Connect with them on LinkedIn or another social site. You may have met someone at an event and sent an email follow-up, but had no response. Try connecting with them on social media so they don’t forget you. But be careful; if you connect with them on every single social platform you may come across a bit stalkerish.

4. Publish your accomplishments on social media. Showing your recent accolades can help paint you as an expert in your field and remind potential prospects that you are good at what you do. Save the humility for later and tell the world about your successes relevant to your profession.

5. Send updates about new services. This is a great way to reach out to cold leads without sounding annoying. If you are offering a new service, this may be just the thing to rekindle interest in your cold leads.

6. Give them a call. Sometimes the only way to get a yes or no answer is by picking up the phone. Persistence is key, but without being too annoying; don’t leave voicemails, but continue to call on a somewhat regular basis. Make sure to reintroduce yourself, as the person may not remember you.

Cold leads can be difficult to warmup, but using a multi-channel approach can greatly increase your chances of success. Try out several (or all) of these tips and find out which approaches work best for you.

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