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Create a Cold Call Strategy By Defining Your Goals

Many failed campaigns don’t have appropriate expectations. Its important to set clear goals to determine whether a campaign was successful.
Jared Braverman
Marketing Director
August 9, 2019

Many failed campaigns don’t have appropriate goals or expectations. It is important to set clear goals to determine whether a campaign was successful. For example, setting a goal such as “getting more sales” doesn’t have a way to determine whether a campaign was successful or not. Setting specific and achievable goals can help your sales team know if they are meeting the expectations for success determined by management.

Setting Goals

It is important to first determine what the focus of the campaign should be. Should the cold call strategy be to focus on setting appointments or live transfers or close the deal on the first call. Other cold call campaigns focus on qualifying leads first before even trying to pitch or extracting info such as emails and phone numbers of decision makers on the initial call.

How to Define Success

Test Campaigns

In order to be able to determine what success should look like you will need to do some test campaigns. Once you see what works and what doesn’t in the test campaign you will be able to scale up what worked, and keep refining your process.

Determining the Type of Call Campaign

You may determine in your test campaign that you have better success if you break your sales cycle into setting appointments and then bringing in the closers to seal the deal on another call. This approach is particularly effective with services that require a decent amount of expertise to be able to sell to the prospect (and also typically take much longer to close and cost much more). Or, you may find that your product can be sold in one call. These types of campaigns usually involve a product that is pretty easy to explain and can be sold in a couple of minutes. Other types of campaigns have callers qualify a list of leads before sending in more experienced sellers to close deals.

Determining Reasonable Metrics for Success

In addition to helping you determine what type of call campaign you should be focusing on, your test campaign should also help you figure out what metrics to expect from your call team. It is important to have several callers performing the same activities so you can form an accurate data pool. You should get a basic of idea of the amount of calls per hour to expect or even leads pitched per hour (based on the quality of your leads and your sales team). Once you start getting some success with your test campaign, you can set an initial sales goal of how many sales to expect from your team.

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